Knife Defense Instructional Series

Knife Defense Instructional Series

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Learn all the most effective Knife Disarms

  1. Knife Disarm Philosophy
  2. Knife Disarm
  3. Knife Disarm details
  4. Straight Stab Attack Defense
  5. Slashing Defense
  6. Disarm while mounted
  7. Knife Around the Neck
  8. Knife Across the Neck
  9. Ice Pick Defense
  10. Knee on Belly Defense
  11. Knife Threat Defense
  12. Knife Side of the Neck Defense
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World Class Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for Beginners to Advanced.

Real World Application on and off the mats.

Confidence, Stress Relief, Fitness, Friendships, Mental Fortitude, Energy, Discipline, Wisdom & Work Ethic.

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